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Help Me Sell My South Florida Home!

“I want to sell my home fast and for the most money!” Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Usually people think that when they sell their home fast they won’t get the most money that they could have gotten. But the reverse can be true. Check out these tips to help you get your home sold fast, with the least amount of inconvenience to you and for the most money.

  1. The MARKET determines your home’s price. You and your Realtor do NOT.
  2. Most of the peak selling activity happens in the first 2 weeks your home is on the market. This is when the largest amount of potential home buyers are interested in seeing your property. The number of qualified buyers diminish as your home sits on the market. The earlier you can attract qualified buyers to see your home the better.
  3. If your home sits on the market too long, potential buyers will think that something is wrong with the property or that you will be willing to give it away because it has been sitting on the market for a long time.
  4. Price is a MOMENT in Time. What your neighbor’s home sold for 6 months ago may not be what you can sell for today; even if yours is “Better”.
  5. You will not get all of the money back that  you invested in your home for your pleasure while you were living there. So be realistic about how much more you want to price your home because of the upgrades that you made. They may not hold the same value to a potential buyer.
  6. Do NOT select a Real Estate Agent to market your home based on the highest price that they will list your home for. Look at the marketing plan that will put your home in front of the largest amount of qualified buyers that will generate the most amount of activity early on.
  7. If someone makes an offer the first week the home is on the market this does not mean that you priced too low, this means that your agent is doing their job and your home is priced to sell. Don’t turn down this opportunity to get the most money for your home that you can so that you can move on to do the things that you want to do when you move. Remember the longer your home sits the less perceived value potential home-buyers think your home has.
  8. Review the market comparables and believe them. Pricing yourself OUT of the market will not generate any showings for serious buyers that are looking to buy in the price range your home is WORTH. Remember that the wrong price attracts the wrong buyers; buyers search for homes in their price range and will never see yours if it is overpriced.
  9. Don’t chase the market. If you price your home too high in the beginning and play the “Wait and See” game, when you do reduce your price you will have not only lost valuable showing opportunities, but potential qualified buyers as well. Your home will have a history and buyers will know how long you have been listed and the amount of price reductions you have taken. Again, perception of less value because of constant price lowering and you chasing the market. If you are ahead of the market then you will have an abundance of offers and can possibly get offers above your asking price.
  10. Because you are moving to a higher price property does not make you house worth more money. What you NEED to sell your home for to move does not determine your home’s value.

Sell Your Home Fast

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